Rieskanäkkäri Barley crispbread

“Flatbread made of barley has had great importance in the bread traditions of North-Eastern Finland throughout centuries. When a farmer in Kuusamo went off to work on a Saturday morning, he would say to his wife: ‘Why not make us all some flatbread, Sunday is coming.’ So they heated the baking oven hot, the embers glowed red and released their sweet warmth. The barley flour had been brought indoors in the previous evening. The barley flour was quickly mixed into cold water or milk whey with some wheat flour, salt and baking soda. In this way, the dough was ready. The baker made the breads without a rolling pin, and soon the first breads were baking in the oven.”

Now the flatbread traditions of North-Eastern Finland live on in the crispbread that has been made of barley and spelt flour to become a crunchy crispbread.


barley flour 76 %, spelt flour, siirappi, wheat gluten, raising agent E503, salt.